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Farming – Homesteading – Kitchen – Workshop

Farming & Homesteading

G80 Transport Binder Chain 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 Inch x 10, 15 and 20ft length | Tow Chain with Clevis Grab Hooks | 7,100 lbs Safe Working Load | Heavy Duty Chain for Transporting Towing (Yellow Zinc or Black))

👍 our comment: very sturdy and well made, we use this chain for lumber logging.

2 Pack 2”x 3, 7 and 10ft length, Super Sturdy Lift Sling Straps, 18800 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Eye-Eye Nylon Strap for Hoist, 2-Ply Polyester Rigging Straps, Tree Saver Recovery Straps Web Sling Winch

👍 our comment: wide, very sturdy but still flexible to work with, we use this strap for lumber logging and moving heavy stuff with the tractor loader.

Submersible Deep Well Pump (affiliate link)

Red Lion RL12G10-3W2V 4-inch Submersible Deep Well Pump with Control Box, 1 HP, 12 GPM, 3-Wire, 230 Volt, Steel, 14942407

👍 our comment: well built and comes with all the installation material. The pump runs strong and produces 12 gallons a minute.

Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears (affiliate link)

Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears 5/8 inch Garden Clippers – Plant Cutting Scissors with Sharp Precision-Ground Steel Blade

👍 our comment: very sharp, makes clean and straight cuts. This pruning shears are very easy to use.

Generator Interlock Kit (affiliate link)

Generator Interlock Kit Fit for Square D QO or Homeline 150 and 200 Amp Panels 1-3/8 Inch Space Between Main & Generator Breaker

👍 our comment: Kit comes with all the screws and a drill. very easy to install in breaker box.

Steel Wire Dishcloth (affiliate link)

Navona 12 Pcs New Upgrade Steel Wire Dishcloth,Triple-Layer Steel Wire Cleaning Cloth,Powerful Cleaning Non-Scratch Wire Dishcloth Rag for Cookware, Sinks, Dishes, Stove Tops

👍 our comment: Works perfect on all your stainless steel kitchenware, especially pans.

Workout Shirts for Women (affiliate link)

MCPORO Workout Shirts for Women – Comfortable V Neck T Shirts for Women

👍 our comment: very comfortable to wear and ideal for outdoors and garden work.

Sevin Sulfur Dust 1.25 LB: (affiliate link)

2-in-1 Disease & Insect Control

For use on roses, citrus fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees

Controls powdery mildew rust, black spot, leaf spot, scab, and mites

Protects listed plants from over 45 insects and diseases

Won’t harm flowers, shrubs, or bloom

Wettable Sulfur Powder: Organic & Natural: (affiliate link)

Natural & Organic – Sulfur has been used in organic farming as a natural soil acidifier and conditioner for hundreds of years

SAFE FOR PLANTS – Sulfur is required by plants for normal healthy growth and will not harm flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, or most houseplants

SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – Sulfur is safe for surrounding wildlife, including pets, birds, and pollinators

UNIFORM COVERAGE – I Must Garden Wettable Sulfur utilizes ultra-fine powder that readily absorbs into the soil to lower the ph and improve soil efficiency.

EASY TO USE – Simply mix into soil.

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